Our Targeted Remodeling Process

Biddison Homes is a full-service remodeling firm that will effectively meet your remodeling needs while providing an enjoyable and pleasant experience. Our targeted remodeling process includes time to get to know each other, helping to ensure that your experience with Biddison Homes is a great one.

Our Remodeling Services

Complete Kitchen and Bathroom Planning, Design and Construction

Turn that old bathroom into an elegant master suite with modern design, fixtures and luxuries, or reconfigure that dark kitchen into an open and bright gathering place.

New Countertops

Granite, silestone, tile, cultured marble. A simple way to change your entire kitchen or bathroom. Modern tops with vessel sink or updated fixtures.

New Flooring

Tile, wood, carpet, stained concrete. Time to get those old worn out floors replaced with a new floor that looks great and minimizes cleaning.

Structural Changes

Opening up and modernizing floor plans. Is your kitchen removed from your family room? Or do you want to open it up and install an island or buffet counter? Add a sunroom to bring the outdoors in. Create a home theater room with state of the art surround sound and the latest audio/video equipment to enjoy those movie nights or the big game.

Historic Renovations

Turn back the clock and renovate your historic home to closer match the original design, look, and feel—but with the added benefits of today’s homebuilding techniques and innovations.


Master suite, covered patios, outdoor living areas, man caves, sunrooms, data areas (the hub of all your networking and online needs), Gaming rooms for the gamer in your family.


Remove that old siding or brick and replace it with modern stone or stucco.

Fire or Water Damage Restoration

Have you had the misfortune of a water leak or fire damage? Don’t let your insurance company take all your money. Let us come in and restore your home—but also update it with today’s latest safety features, newest technologies and innovations all while putting your home back together.

Green Building Technologies

Update your home with the latest available technologies to create a cleaner, healthier, more cost-effective Home. Let us show you how a few changes to your home today will save you in long-term home ownership costs.

Our Process

Target 1: Initial Meeting

During this initial meeting we spend one or two hours getting to know more about you and remodeling project desires. We want to learn about your hopes, ideas, and dreams. A great way to do this is to bring clippings, tears-out and pictures from what you have seen—items and ideas you want to incorporate into this project. Share your ideas from Pinterest,, etc. Don’t leave anything out! We want your newly renovated or remodeled home to meet your expectations, so this meeting is very important to both you and Biddison Homes for us to hit the target of expectations.

Target 2: Budget Analysis

Based on the information gathered from the initial meeting, we establish a preliminary budget. At this point you should take this budget to and consult with a finance company. Biddison Homes has several preferred lenders that can assist you in finding a program that would best fit your needs. Once you are qualified, then we will be ready to move to the next phase.

Target 3: Designing Plans

Biddison Homes offers a full in-house design-build program—or we can work from a plan acquired from an outside source. Our design-build process takes our customers from hand-sketched ideas on the back of a napkin to a fully targeted, custom-designed set of plans. These plans are generated taking into account the homeowner budget and selected choices for included features. During this stage we will present designs and sketches of your renovations. If desired, for a nominal fee we can also provide 3D digital renderings. These will allow you to get a good idea of what your finished remodel will look like and make sure we are all on target. If you already have a complete set of construction plans, and we have been able to establish the selections and features for that plan, we will take those construction plans and the selections made in the next phase and work up a bid. If necessary, we can also take those construction plans and create a plan to allow us to work with you to obtain all of the information needed to be able to provide you with a target bid.

Target 4: Selections

Once we complete your plans, Biddison Homes will set up appointments with our design professionals to assist you in selecting items that will make “your home your way,” helping guide you through this process, while making this an enjoyable and relaxing time. Once you’ve made selections, the selection sheet addendum will be signed by both builder and you, acknowledging that both parties understand what is being selected for the project. As a remodeling firm, we know that with most remodels, selections can change during the construction process. When a selection changes, the client signs a change order to ensure that both the builder and client are on the same page.

Target 5: Pre-Construction

Once you approve the architectural plans and the budget, we will be ready to finalize the contract price. At this time Biddison Homes will review the necessary steps to ensure the remodel project can be started as soon as possible without unnecessary delays. During this Pre-Construction Meeting we will review and confirm that the following items are completed prior to the start of your project:

  • Financing has been secured
  • Acquire necessary building permits
  • Design approved by the Architectural Control Committee (if applicable)
  • All required selections have been made

Target 6: Construction

Whether you are living in the home as the work transpires, or the home is vacant, the construction site can be dangerous, so please take the necessary precautions to be safe while on the job site. There will be scheduled times that we will meet together and walk the construction site to make sure that all your desires are being met and that we are on target. Please feel free to post your progress pictures as we work through the various phases of construction to the final completion of your newly remodeled home.

Target 7: Welcome Home

Prior to completion of your remodel, we will perform a final walkthrough with you to ensure that the level of craftsmanship meets your targeted expectations. We will also conduct a “how to” operate the systems and features that have been added to your home.

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